Warranty and After Service

Our expansive line of service offering is designed to meet your goals, provide high quality transducers with extensive warranty domestically and globally. We are committed to exceeding your expectation and work closely with you to help your Image system reach the next level of operational efficiency and accuracy.

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Apex has a well-established Environment, Health and Safety Management system, such as ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, and always pays great attentions to meet the needs from customers in America, EMEA and Asia from a health and safety perspective.

All products exported to Europe need to be compliant with ROHS and REACH regulations.
Furthermore our company conducts annuel environmental monitoring and occupational hazards monitoring, all results are compliant with regulations and specifications. The risks and hazards are effectively controlled and monitored by engineering methods.
There are strict quality mangment requirements from material selection, storage, production, testing and packaging. During productions we maintain that all the processes and operations are running in a sustainable way, reducing energy consumptions, minimizing emission of hazardous substance and increasing the recycling rate of materials.

OHSAS 18001


Qualification and Certification

As a highly professional medical equipment and component manufacturing company, we see our products and the quality of them as the very basic root of business and development. In order to raise personnel's overall quality of the company and strengthen business management, we implement ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems—Requirements, EN ISO13485/AC: 2012; ISO13485:2003 Medical Devices--Quality Management Systems –Requirements for Regulatory Purposes.
Our quality system is established and maintained according with above standard, and related regular requirement of FDA, PAL MHLW Ministerial Ordinance No.169, 93/42/EEC and CFDA

Quality Policy

We fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

  •    We adapt to changing markets to ensure we continually meet the needs of our customers.
  •    We consider our customers' perspective by delivering effective, safe and reliable products through our business processes.
  •    We ensure speed of action, execute rigorously, and see things through to meet customer needs, when the customer needs it, and where the customer needs it.

We deliver high quality medical devices, solutions, and services.

  •    We continuously and systematically learn, improve, and develop to ensure we achieve substantial compliance with all applicable quality systems and regulatory requirements.
  •    We consider our customers' perspective by delivering effective, safe and reliable products through our business processes.
  •    We collaborate and leverage each other to deliver high quality devices, solutions, and services to our customers, enabling them to achieve clinical excellence.
Quality Commitment

We promised to our customers as follows

  •    In order to implement the above quality policy and quality objective effectively, and to provide the excellent products and service to our customers, our company will make all the employees understand and carry out quality commitment in the form of distributing promotional literatures, holding meetings, and training.
  •    Adhere to the regulatory requirements and quality management system requirements within the organization. Any actions that deviate from the above requirements shall be resisted and dealt with harshly
  •    Any problems feedback from customers shall be handled and settled with high quality and excellent services
“We are committed to fully
satisfy the needs of our
customers by delivering high
quality medical devices,
solutions, and services.”
EN ISO 13485
ISO 14001
HD 60084887