New Members to the family

The transducers of SA, LA, CA and EC family meet the needs of a variety of clinical applications; with the growing demands of specific applications from customers, Apex is bringing more productsListDefault into our portfolio, the following transducers are available as prototypes.

Composite Material Transducers
Cent.Freq. : 7.5MHz
Element : 128
Radius : -
Focus : 20mm

Extended Bandwidth (≥75%)
Supreme Harmonic Imaging
Effectively Cover Penetration & Resolution mode
4D CLA transducer
Cent.Freq. : 4.0MHz
Element : 128
Radius : 40mm
Pitch : 0.418mm
Aperture : 11mm
Focus : 50mm
High Frame Rate, High Sensitivity
Wide Bandwidth (≥70%) and Low SNR
Light weight, modern Ergonomic Design
3D Endo Transducer
Cent.Freq. : 5.7MHz
Element : 128
Radius : 11.5mm
Focus : 2044mm

Comfort and Ergonomic Design
Optimized Bandwidth and Sensitivity
Good Frame Rate and Reliability